XiXi Yang is an Award-winning television personality and a Chinese-American influencer who has worked with some of the world’s leading brands in media, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Since launching XiXiYang.com, she’s amassed a global fanbase of over 25 million digital impressions with a deep impact amongst millennials in the Asian-American community.

As an entertainment journalist and an on-air television personality, XiXi is known for her candid interview style and her bilingual ability in English and Mandarin Chinese. XiXi has established rapport with thousands of celebrities on the red carpet and earned the credibility as one of the most reputable fresh faces in media.

You can watch XiXi Yang host “AP Live,” – The Associated Press live red carpet show with millions of viewers around the world. The AP Live team has prime locations at all the major award shows like The Oscars, Grammy Awards, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and more. XiXi stopped red carpet traffic at the Grammy Awards to chat with pop culture icons Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and picked Oprah’s brain about the lack of diversity in film and television at the Oscars’ Governor’s Ball.

You can also watch XiXi as a weekly entertainment contributor to CNN/HLN’s flagship shows “Across America With Carol Costello”, “On the Story With Erica Hill,” and “Morning Express With Robin Meade”.

XiXi is the founder of Yang Enterprises, a brand encouraging and inspiring every individual to live their best life each day. For the past few years, XiXi has served as a Millennial motivational speaker for Fortune 500 Companies like Verizon, Target, and  schools like Yale University.

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“Create the life you’ve

always dreamed of.”


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for storytelling and the burning desire to share all the adventures that life has to offer. I remember entering into my sophomore year at NYU and being so eager to get started in my career that I moved all the way across the country to Los Angeles, CA!

As soon as I arrived in LA, I started sending out my resume and headshots to every single TV station! I must have mailed hundreds of requests only to be heard back from – you guessed it – none. Well, this is gonna be hard. I couldn’t get jobs because clearly, I had no work experience. But how am I supposed to get work experience if nowhere would hire me?

The old adage goes, “When opportunity knocks, open the door.” Well, I guess they forgot to tell us that it’s up to us to build a door first! I decided to take a huge leap of faith and take destiny into my own hands. I invested the couple hundred dollars I saved up at the time to buy my first hand-held Sony hand-held camera and a karaoke mic. I went around town and interviewed anyone and everyone I could get my hands on!

Little did I know it at the time but this was the beginning of my career…