Not Going to Coachella? 5 Tips to Overcoming Coachella FOMO! #NoChella

It’s 2am Sunday morning and you can’t sleep. No matter how much you toss and turn in your bed, you just can’t shake off the feeling of restlessness. You finally cave in and turn towards the side of the bed closest to a wall charger. You hold your phone slightly above your face, just enough to try to get that “Face ID” recognition going. Dang, it’s too dark! Fine, you’ll just type in the 6-digit passcode. (It’s always a struggle to type without the phone hitting your face.)

You open your favorite late night app – Instagram. Within a second, your screen is flooded with photos of all your friends posing and snapping pics in front of that ginormous Ferris wheel. You can’t help but to click into their Stories, just to see all their smiley faces rubbing shoulders with that one blogger from Amsterdam who has, like, more followers than the population fo Sweden.

You feel like you’re missing out on the coolest event of the year. No, more like the party of the century. If you were there right now, at this instant, you and Ariana Grande would undoubtedly be braiding each other’s hair.

As an LA-native who truly feels the spirit of Coachella, I totally get it! I’ve been to the festival three times now and I do believe that whether Coachella is your thing or not, it really is something you should at least experience once in your life!

However, if being dusty, parched, and sun-burnt in the dry sand dunes isn’t on your priority list this year, you should NOT feel the social pressure of not going! In fact, I’ve listed out 5 reasons below to stop feeling Coachella FOMO.

  1. The reassurance that you’re saving a ton of money. General admission tickets for Coachella cost around $400. If you want to increase your chance of breathing the same air as Bella and Gigi in the VIP lounge, double that rate to $1000. Thinking you can eat ramen a few times and cough that up in a month? That’s not all. Have you thought about where you’re going to stay? Hotels in the Palm Desert area during peak season range from $300-$500 a night for a standard room. Add a couple hundred at least for overpriced food and water. Airfare? Forget about it. Realistically, you’re looking at 2-3K just for a weekend with your friends. If you go with 5 of your friends, the combined cost for the group is 10-15K. Do you know how dope of a vacation you guys will be able to go on for that price?!


  1. Where you are right now reading this article, you’re probably much more comfortable than your friends in the dry heat, sweating and toughing it out in the tent. The biggest frustration for me personally in the desert wasn’t the weather. It was actually a lack of wifi and cell service. Trust me, it’s better to watch some of the shows in your own conditioned room.


  1. Will you actually have a chance to listen to any of the bands? With all the parties and brand activations, there is an overwhelming amount of pressure to stop by every single one of them. There are so many things going on 24/7, you’d probably end up at some famous stranger’s house as opposed to actually having time to stay and listen to the music.


  1. TRAFFIC! STAMPEDE. Leaving at 4am is a nightmare. After a whole day and night of partying in the sun, have you ever sat in the car that wasn’t moving for over 2 hrs? If you’re trying to leave the camp ground at 4am where everyone else is leaving, forget about it. You might as well set up a tent and sleepover!


  1. Disconnect! Take advantage of your “No Chella” to recharge and focus on yourself. Since most of my friends are all partying in the desert this year, I can actually take some time for myself and focus on some of the tasks I’ve been putting off… like doing my taxes and, you know, launching a new company.

If all the above doesn’t work, take solace in the fact there will be a Coachella next year.

How do you like to get over Coachella FOMO? Comment below and let me know!



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