About XiXi Yang


XiXi Yang is an on-air television personality and a lifestyle/fashion/beauty expert who has worked with some of the most authoritative entertainment companies in the world.

Known for her professionalism, candid interview style, and her bilingual ability in English and Mandarin Chinese, XiXi has established rapport with thousands of celebrities on the red carpet and earned the credibility as one of the most reputable fresh faces in media.

Currently, you can watch XiXi Yang as an entertainment contributor to CNN/HLN’s flagship shows like “Across America”, “On the Story,” and “Morning Express With Robin Meade”.

Previously, XiXi anchored “AP Live,” – The Associated Press live red carpet show with millions of viewers around the world. The AP Live team has prime locations at all the major award shows like The Oscars, Grammy Awards, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and more.

XiXi has served as a Millennial motivational speaker for Fortune 500 Companies like Verizon, Target, and schools like Yale University.